Reminder: College Policy on Email Use

Dear Faculty and Staff,


As a reminder, in 2013 the College published an Email Policy.  The policy is an extension of the College’s Appropriate Use and Privacy Policy and provides detail and clarification on the appropriate use of the College’s Email System.  It is the product of a joint effort undertaken by members of both the faculty and staff.  


The Email Policy provides clarification of the following:

·         a distinction between official College email communications and unofficial email communications;

·         endorsed usages of the All_Students, All_Faculty and All_Staff email distribution lists;

·         etiquette for selected email features and message decorum;

·         appropriate use of email;

·         use of College name and logo in email;

·         venues for unofficial email communications;

·         assignment of Student Club and Organization email distribution lists;

·         assignment of accounts; and

·         College expectations of email account holders.


The full Email Policy is located on the OIT website at:


One of the central goals of the Email Policy is to redirect “unofficial” emails to other email distribution lists instead of the All Faculty and All Staff lists.  The Email Policy holds out three email distribution lists as venues for discussions and announcements that are outside of the “official” business of the College.  The three lists are in the Cc: field of this email.  The lists are set up so that you can add yourself to and remove yourself from them at your convenience.


For instructions on use of the distribution lists for unofficial communications, please visit:


The Appropriate Use and Privacy Policy can be found at:


Please contact the help desk at 585-385-8016 or with any questions.


Thank you,

The Office of Information Technology