It’s Important to Think About Your Password

Dear Colleagues,

A recent situation occurred where a user’s network account may have been compromised.

This is a reminder that our password security is important. Before everyone finishes all of our end of the semester activities please take a few moments to think about how secure your password is.

  • Is it complex enough that it cannot be easily guessed?
  • Have you written it down somewhere, that someone could have found it?
  • Has someone watched you type it in and figured out what it was?
  • Is the computer and the website you’re about to log into secure?
  • Can I trust this email that’s asking for my account information?

Everyone has access to important information and it is everyone’s job to keep it safe and secure. If these questions make you think twice, you should reset your password to be safe. Go to the SJFC web page and search for “Password” to find information on how to reset your password today.

And Remember – Protect Yourself and our Community!!

  • Never reply to suspicious emails, tweet, or posts with your personal or financial information.
  • Never enter your password after following a link from an email that you don’t trust.
  • Don’t send your password via email.
  • OIT will NEVER ask for your password by email.
  • Only sign in to your account when you are 100% sure you’re on the real site.
  • Report suspicious emails, phishing scams and any other questionable situations.

Thank you,

The Office of Information Technology