OIT Update: Meru and Apple WIFI Issue

Dear Campus Community – We wanted to update you on an on going issue involving Apple’s latest mobile operating system (iOS 9) and our WIFI infrastructure (Meru). A bug has been identified by both Meru and Apple that is causing intermittent, but persistent issues connecting to and authenticating to Meru Wireless networks. We regret you may continue to experience intermittent difficulty connecting to the WiFi on campus until compatibility between Meru and Apple’s iOS 9 has been restored. Or technicians have been working closely with systems engineers from both companies to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. Please continue to contact the OIT Service Desk at x8016 or OITServiceDesk@sjfc.edu<mailto:OITServiceDesk@sjfc.edu> to report issues. We may reach out to you to help gather more details to assist in the troubleshooting process with our vendors. Thank you, Office of Information Technology