Secure Email Service


Dear Colleagues:
In the course of our daily work for the College, we sometimes need to send or receive private or personally identifiable information via the email system.  As Faculty and Staff at St. John Fisher College we have a responsibility to protect the privacy and confidentiality of student data, employee data, and proprietary College information.  This information could include protected student information (grades, transcripts, class schedule, etc), sensitive personally identifiable information (SSN’s, Driver license or State ID#’s, Passport #’s, DOB, Account passwords, etc), Credit Card information and Electronic Health Care information.

If you have the need to send a secure email outside of St. John Fisher College, OIT is providing a service to ensure that the email and any attachments can only be read by the intended recipient.  This will only work for email sent to a recipient outside of St. John Fisher.

To send a secured email the St. John Fisher sender has to put “[SECURE]” at the beginning of the subject line of the email and then send the email as normal.  Based on the tag “[SECURE]”, the email will get routed through an encryption filter.  The recipient will then receive an email with a link that will direct them to the Barracuda Message Center to retrieve their email.  The recipient will use the Barracuda Message Center to view, reply or download the original email.

For more information, please see the OIT website or contact the OIT Service Desk.