OIT ALERT: Phishing Attempt Threat Advisory “IT Service Desk Support”

SJFC Office of Information Technology


OIT Notification Number: 2018-35


Date: 05/17/2018


Title: OIT Security Alert: Phishing Attempt Threat Advisory "IT Service desk Support"


Description: OIT has been made aware of a recent phishing attempt with the email subject “IT Service Desk”. A Phishing email is one that attempts to trick you into clicking a link and typing in your SJFC username and password, thereby compromising your network credentials. A screenshot of the Phishing email is included below:


If you responded to this email, clicked on the link or have any questions related to this phishing attempt, please contact the OIT Service Desk at (585) 385-8016.


Please remember that OIT does not manage accounts in this manner and will never ask for your password for any reason via email and or phone call. As always, please ignore and delete any email you feel may be an attempt to Phish. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Thank you

Office of Information Technology



St. John Fisher College

Office of Information Technology

OIT Service Desk

(585) 385-8016