OIT Security Alert – Phishing Attempt Threat Advisory: “Urgent Request”

SJFC Office of Information Technology

OIT Notification Number: 2019 – 44
Date: 04/24/2019
Title: OIT Security Alert – Phishing Attempt Threat Advisory: “Urgent Request


OIT has received reports of a recent phishing attempt with the email subject “Urgent Request”. A Phishing email is one that attempts to trick you into performing an action (click a link, provide credentials, purchase gift cards etc.) by posing as a legitimate sender. If you have received this email please click on the Phish Alert button in Outlook to report and delete this email.

A screenshot of the Phishing email is included below:


cid:<a href= 

If you responded to this email, clicked on the link or have any questions related to this phishing attempt please contact the OIT Service Desk at (585) 385-8016.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you,


OIT Service Desk
Office of Information Technology
St. John Fisher College
e-mail: oitservicedesk@sjfc.edu

phone: (585) 385-8016