October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

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Around campus you will see posters that will make you Stop | Think | before you Connect!

Week 1: Simple Steps to Online Safety – THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK!

Passwords: Protecting yourself by using strong, unique passwords for each of your devices and online account.

  • Strong – cannot be easily guessed by hackers
  • Tired of complex passwords? Try using a passphrase instead.
    The longer your passphrase is, the stronger!
  • Unique – using a different password for each device/online account – if one password is compromised all your other accounts/devices are still safe.
  • Can’t remember all those strong, unique passwords – use a password manager; stores all of your passwords in an encrypted format.
  • Where available, enable two-step verification on accounts that support it. Two-step verification uses your password and adds a second step (code being sent to smartphone, or using fingerprint). Even some password managers support this feature – it’s easier than you think!

Best Password Managers of 2017: https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2407168,00.asp


Office of Information Technology
OIT Service Desk
St. John Fisher College
e-mail: oitservicedesk@sjfc.edu
phone: (585) 385-8016

It’s Important to Think About Your Password

Dear Colleagues,

A recent situation occurred where a user’s network account may have been compromised.

This is a reminder that our password security is important. Before everyone finishes all of our end of the semester activities please take a few moments to think about how secure your password is.

  • Is it complex enough that it cannot be easily guessed?
  • Have you written it down somewhere, that someone could have found it?
  • Has someone watched you type it in and figured out what it was?
  • Is the computer and the website you’re about to log into secure?
  • Can I trust this email that’s asking for my account information?

Everyone has access to important information and it is everyone’s job to keep it safe and secure. If these questions make you think twice, you should reset your password to be safe. Go to the SJFC web page and search for “Password” to find information on how to reset your password today.

And Remember – Protect Yourself and our Community!!

  • Never reply to suspicious emails, tweet, or posts with your personal or financial information.
  • Never enter your password after following a link from an email that you don’t trust.
  • Don’t send your password via email.
  • OIT will NEVER ask for your password by email.
  • Only sign in to your account when you are 100% sure you’re on the real site.
  • Report suspicious emails, phishing scams and any other questionable situations.

Thank you,

The Office of Information Technology

SJFC Google Drive – Unlimited Storage

Dear Colleagues,


Do you have important data stored on your computer?


Have you been trying to find a place to store your important files but keep running out of space?


Faculty, staff, and students at SJFC have access to Google Drive through mySJFC by selecting  cid:image003.jpg@01D07693.7D30E1D0.


How much storage is available through SJFC Google Drive?
In the fall, Google upgraded the storage from 30 GB/user to unlimited storage with a 5TB file size limit.


How do I get my important files into SJFC Google Drive?

You can upload files into Google Drive using either the web-interface (available through mySJFC), or through the Google Drive App that can be installed on your SJFC computer by contacting the Help Desk at x8016. Computers that have been recently upgraded already have the Google Drive App pre-installed.  


What types of data can be stored in SJFC Google Drive?

Most data can be stored in SJFC Google Drive. The following should not be stored on SJFC Google Drive: social security numbers, credit card information, bank account information, and personally identifiable health information (PHI).


Support and training are available by contacting Robin Schmid via email for Google – Ins & Outs; uploading, organizing, and accessing your SJFC Google Drive.  Don’t forget  Google Docs, work in real time with co-workers and your students.


Please contact the OIT Help Desk at x8016 with any questions.

Thank you,

Office of Information Technology

Reminder: College Policy on Email Use

Dear Faculty and Staff,


As a reminder, in 2013 the College published an Email Policy.  The policy is an extension of the College’s Appropriate Use and Privacy Policy and provides detail and clarification on the appropriate use of the College’s Email System.  It is the product of a joint effort undertaken by members of both the faculty and staff.  


The Email Policy provides clarification of the following:

·         a distinction between official College email communications and unofficial email communications;

·         endorsed usages of the All_Students, All_Faculty and All_Staff email distribution lists;

·         etiquette for selected email features and message decorum;

·         appropriate use of email;

·         use of College name and logo in email;

·         venues for unofficial email communications;

·         assignment of Student Club and Organization email distribution lists;

·         assignment of accounts; and

·         College expectations of email account holders.


The full Email Policy is located on the OIT website at:  http://www.sjfc.edu/campus-services/oit/documents/SJFCEmailPolicy.pdf.


One of the central goals of the Email Policy is to redirect “unofficial” emails to other email distribution lists instead of the All Faculty and All Staff lists.  The Email Policy holds out three email distribution lists as venues for discussions and announcements that are outside of the “official” business of the College.  The three lists are in the Cc: field of this email.  The lists are set up so that you can add yourself to and remove yourself from them at your convenience.


For instructions on use of the distribution lists for unofficial communications, please visit: http://www.sjfc.edu/dotAsset/b3c28952-c212-4c5d-80fb-9556195b3622.pdf.


The Appropriate Use and Privacy Policy can be found at:  http://www.sjfc.edu/campus-services/oit/home/policies/aup.dot.


Please contact the help desk at 585-385-8016 or helpdesk@sjfc.edu with any questions.


Thank you,

The Office of Information Technology